Personal Music Projects

I host a podcast about music, create video content about music and produce songs.

Personal Music Projects

I'm producing music, creating videos and hosting a podcast about music.

With my passion in music, I have been recording, composing and producing indenpendent artists, doing their production, arrangements, mixing and mastering.

I created and host a podcast about music, which is among the top 100 music podcast in Spotify Brazil Charts. In addition to the podcast, I create, script and edit extra video content with mini-documentaries about music for YouTube.

Music Content and Podcast

With weekly episodes "Silêncio no Estúdio" (Silence in the Studio), my podcast has reached 1000 plays per month in average and it has been on Top 100 Brazilian Music Podcasts in Spotify. In 2019, I started to create, script and animate mini-documentaries on YouTube as additional content for the listeners. I do all the visual design, graphics, web site and I take care of the social media.

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Instragram Feed


Episode Cover Art


Podcast website

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One of the mini-documentaries: "The album cover art beginning"

Music Production

I have been composing songs and music themes, and also recording and producing independent artists, working on arrangements and creative ideas. I also do mix engineering  on all my productions. I have worked for big brands such as Samsung for exaple. And I'm also a co-founder of a small production company that compose songs on demand for weddings or their loved ones. 

This was a sound design and music theme for the Samsung Forum logo animation. I composed the tracks, produced and mixed.

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Spotify Playlist with some of my recent productions. Check on the link to listen to the songs here.

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Spotify artist page from my on demand songwritting production.